Differences between butterflies and moths


There are some morphological differences between butterflies and moths. There are plenty of exceptions which break these 'rules'. In the introduction is said that all the differences are due to adaptations in lifestyle which differs between butterflies and moths.  I will list five differences:
  1. Butterflies have always knobbed antennae, the antennae of moths are quite variable but never knobbed
  2. Butterflies fly during the day, moths fly during the night
  3. Butterflies rest with their wings vertically clapped above their bodies, moths rest with theirs horizontally on their bodies
  4. Butterflies do have less hairy bodies in comparison with moths
  5. Butterflies do not have tiny hooks or bristles which link fore wing to hind wing as in moths

Only point five doesn't know any exception, but the hooks are often too tiny to see them without a lens.

Cerura vinula

The red arrow points at a hook linking the fore wing and hind wing together by this moth